What are Under-eys Fillers – Everything you Need to Know


Everyone deserves to look beautiful and feel confident about their looks. Eyes are an important feature of the entire face, and if they are tired and worn out even after taking proper rest, then eye fillers are a great option for people suffering from baggy eyes.

Before deciding to have eye fillers, one must consider some facts, such as the highest cost. The type of filler and experts’ choice to carry out the procedure is also of significant importance. One must know about the side effects and recovery time of using eye fillers in advance to avoid any problem.

Baggy eyes are an important issue these days because of the trends in this digital and modern world. If you suffer from eye hollows, saggy skin, and dark circles, giving you a tired look, eye fillers can do wonders for you.

The eyelids’ skin is very thin and needs much care and attention to have the right function and look. Thus, an under-eye filler specialist must be consulted to eliminate dark circles and eyelid bag’s appearance.

Under-eye Hollows

Under-eye hollow is a skin abnormality called tear trough and is characterized by dark circles and deep indentions. This gives an entire tired look because the skin around the eyes is thin and pale.  The eyes look tired and aged as the area around the eyes does not store fats.

The solution of Under eye Hollows

The most common solution for eye hollows is eye fillers. Under-eye fillers are preferred by doctors to avoid dark circles, hollowing, and a tired look.

Under-eye Fillers

The treatment for eye hollows includes injectable hyaluronic acid, which stimulates and restores thicker layers of fats under the skin. Different brands are used by specialists to help fill eye hollows. The treatment includes a syringe in the area around the eyes, but sometimes people may need to have two syringes depending upon the position and degree of hollowness.

Benefits of Under-eye Fillers

Fillers allow patients to get rid of dark circles and replace the lost volume to give a more natural rested look. These make the areas around the eyes to be active and provide a youthful and gorgeous look. Fillers help patients to have a fresh face and make eyes look bigger and brighter.

Composition of Eye-fillers

The fillers’ composition is obtained from an acid present in the skin’s dermis, the hyaluronic acid. As the person’s age progresses, the body starts to lose some of the good things such as fats, resulting in creating hollowness under the eyes.

Hyaluronic acid in the filler helps maintain the durability of filling and provides a natural look. It attracts water for additional plumping ability making you look magnificent and astounding.

Safe Use of Eye fillers

Eye fillers are safe as long as they are performed by an experienced professional. It is necessary to check the certification by the board and their safety with the use of cosmetics. The provider must be qualified enough as he has to inject in the most sensitive area. He must be aware of the anatomy of the eye and associated risks.  You must consult a dermatologist that is an expert plastic surgeon to have the most natural look.

The durability of Eye-fillers:

The eye fillers tend to last for a period of six to nine months. Some of the filters may stay for longer periods. Subsequent use of injections of eye fillers increases the endurance of eye fillers.

Over-the-counter solutions to Eye fillers

Over the counter solutions to the eye -fillers can be topical creams or products, but these offer a temporary smoothness and remove the baggy appearance. It will remain effective for a few hours while the product is applied. For a long term fix and an under-eye volume loss, an injection with filler is the best and durable option.

Hyaluronic acid is the basic element for eradicating dark circles. It is present naturally in the body’s tissue and cartilage as it is a natural product, so there is no need to worry that it will damage your skin.


Following are the conditions that you can expect during recovery:

  • After the procedure of eye fillers, the doctor will provide you an ice pack to apply to the area to have a cooling effect.
  • You may notice redness or swelling and some bruises, but these side effects are short-lived in most cases.
  • Your doctor will recommend a follow-up appointment after a few days of the procedure to monitor and check whether an additional injection is required or not.
  • Sometimes several injections over weeks or months are recommended depending upon the situation.

Characteristics of a Good Candidate

Sometimes the tear trough appears to be dark, but it is often due to genetic issues. In addition to genetic problems, several other factors are responsible for producing darkness under the eye. These include aging, hyperpigmentation, dehydration, visible blood vessels, and poor sleeping behaviors.

Eye fillers prove to be more effective in hollows due to aging and genetics compared to lifestyle factors. In some cases, the darkness under the eyes appears because of naturally sunken eyes. These eyes cast a shadow underneath, resulting in darkness. This can be solved through fillers, but sometimes this may require surgery or an operation.

Aging also results in sunken eyes, giving a dark and hollow appearance. Because as the person becomes aged, fats deposits start to shed and produce a deep separation between eyes and cheeks.

The individuals who are not suitable for getting eye fillers are regular smokers and are involved in vaping. This is because smoking hinders healing and reduces the durability of eye fillers.

Eye fillers are commonly used for reducing darkness under the eyes, and this area is called an under-eye trough. Several different types of fillings are used, but the most common are fillers made up of hyaluronic acid. No matter what type of filler you will have, you must choose a highly experienced, board-certified expert dermatologist or plastic surgeon to have the best results.

Author’s Bio      

Oladayo Lucian is a dermatologist and corporate with the association of under-eye filler specialists. He loves to share his insights about under-eye fillers and its treatment.


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