What are the side effects of mace oil?

Mace Essential Oil
Mace Essential Oil

Both nutmeg and mace belong to the same species of plant product. Nutmeg can also be defined as the shelled, dried seed of the plant Myristica fragrans whereas mace is the dried net-like covering of the shell of the seed.

Uses of Mace

Mace has been used in varied cuisines all around the world for quite some time now and has been consumed the world over. Mace is also regarded as an important spice with tons of benefits. Some of the benefits of mace oil  are given below:

  • Mace is consumed to rid a person suffering from diarrhea.
  • It also alleviates symptoms of nausea, vomiting, stomach spasms and pain, and also in case intestinal gas.
  • Mace is also associated with properties of treating cancer and kidney infection and diseases.
  • Besides mace is also used to increase menstrual flow where the flow is less and irregular.
  • Mace is used in enhancing the flavor in foods.
  • Mace is also used as a pain reliever from pains like that of arthritis.

Mace is largely used in cooking and flavoring purposes mostly in Indian foods. It is thus associated with many benefits. However, as with all the other foods, vegetables, snacks and spices, mace also has some side-effects we all should be aware of.

Side Effects of Mace Oil

Along with all these advantages that you might be boasting of mace oil is also known to have some side effects that manifest especially when consumed in excess.

Among all the side effects of mace oil that you need to be aware of, here are some notable ones. So, check them out now without further delay:

  • When consumed in excess, mace oil is regarded as a hallucinatory substance causing hallucinations much like the other chemical counterparts. Therefore, mace can also be used in depression, or for patients of insomnia in a positive way.
  • Mace naturally increases menstrual flow. However, we should keep in mind not to let those who are anaemic or those who bleed profusely during their periods have mace in excess. This can again become a huge risk to them.
  • Mace is not very safe to be consumed when it comes to pregnant women. This is because mace oil when consumed in excess can result in miscarriages.
  • When it comes to breastfeeding women or women who are lactating, they need to keep in mind not to consume mace more than the prescribed amount because it might be unsafe for them or for the baby.
  • When consumed more than the permissible limits mace might have a negative impact on our immune systems. Yes, mace is also suspected to weaken our immune system.
  • Besides, mace oil is also associated with hallucinatory properties, which have a negative impact if taken in excess. It might also cause sleepiness or drowsiness in normal people.
  • Mace might not be compatible with many other medications that you are into. Hence, before consuming mace in excess ask your doctor if you can do that to stay out of risk in case of emergency medications.
  • Mace is often advised to alleviate the symptoms of gum diseases and kill the pain completely, speeding the total time to cure the disease. However, it is essential to be aware of the exact dosage of mace to be consumed because if you consume more than that then it won’t have any effect on your gum diseases and in worst cases, it might worsen the scenario.
  • Mace might also play up with your stomach. If taken in excess mace results in gastrointestinal diseases and discomfort.
  • If you have been witnessing too many palpitations lately, then cut down on your mace intake. This is because mace is also associated with aggravating the symptoms of palpitations by its effect on your nervous system.

Therefore, if you are worried about whether or not to consume mace because of the mace oil it has got, then you need to keep in check the quantity of mace you are consuming. Also, it is always advised to keep in mind the doctor’s advice before consuming mace.

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