Understanding The Background Of Web Developer

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The short answer is they build and maintain websites. But what exactly it looks like depends a lot on the type of work the developer is doing. The good news is that web developers are highly sought after and, while they work very hard, they can expect comfortable pay and a healthy work-life balance. It is a profession that rewards people who solve real-world problems and enjoy creating.

Responsibilities Of a Web Developer

Your job as a web developer is to present your client’s products and services to a wide audience, creating attractive and functional websites.You can design the look and feel by creating a visually appealing home page and user-friendly design.A customer may also ask you to include interactive features on their site using the Visual Basic or Java programming language.

Where do you work

Web developers can work for large corporations, small companies, or as freelancers. Most positions will require you to work 40 hours a week, although others – especially freelance positions – will allow you to enjoy a flexible schedule. Sometimes you will need to work on weekends or off-hours to perform site maintenance or in an emergency.

Other Skills

You will need a good knowledge of the technology and an understanding of how computers and web servers work. You also need to be familiar with a variety of software languages, web applications, and web programming languages ​​such as Hypertext Markup Language (HTML), Ruby on Rails, and C ++. Since this is a very client-oriented and project-oriented business, you will need to communicate effectively, set goals and set deadlines. You will also need to understand the design principles.

We bring out the key points

Developers often work for customers who want to present their product or service online.

The work is usually highly project-focused and involves collaborating with a team of people who help match the client’s requirements to the final product.

Not all developers work for external clients. A “client” can be the company you work for, an organization, a government agency that needs a webagentur essen or web application.

It’s pretty fun, you actually create things that are used by people and you can play with a lot of new toys. How can you not love it?

Important differences

Front-end vs. Back-end developers


This shows how the content is presented, including all the small user interface elements like menus, dropdown menus, pretty animations and models.

Front-end developers often focus on understanding HTML, CSS, and Javascript as these languages ​​run in the browser. They don’t necessarily focus on making things “pretty” (which is often left to designers), but rather on making the information effective and user-friendly on the web page as comfortable as possible. Today we are executing more and more code directly in the browser.


“Backend” usually refers to the part of the application that lives on the server.This part of the iceberg lurks beneath the surface … a lot of things have to work correctly in order to get the data to the front-end where it can be displayed correctly.

Google may be a pretty straightforward search engine from our point of view, but they employ an army of engineers to keep the gear you can’t see working properly.

Full stack

Fullstack developers work simultaneously with both parties.It is quite popular these days to look for developers with extensive experience with both parts of a web application (and that’s exactly what we’re teaching here).

Web developer versus web designer

So if we have back-end developers and front-end developers, then who makes a website really beautiful? Who integrates images, logos, and color schemes? This is the job of a web designer. While historically they have been less involved in direct programming of pages, nowadays even designers are expected to be able to roll up their sleeves and write some code at the right time. Some of the best web developers come from the design industry.

Additional Resources

Wikipedia describes the potential of the web design profession on its web design page

Part fact, part joke, this infographic shows the differences between web developers and designers.

And another infographic for your entertainment …

Websites versus web applications

Not everyone can agree on what makes the difference between the two, but usually websites are more about displaying static (immutable) content, and web applications require smart code running on the server (the one you learn to write) to create. dynamic content.

Coming to a website driven by a web application is similar to the previous example, but the e-book no longer lies and waits for you to open it. Your ebook request is caught by a nasty little app that checks what you are requesting and then dynamically generates the correct book for you, fully customized for you (okay, it could just be an extra line that says “This book has been opened” and today’s date follows). Uscis case status

A new online service is a big challenge.If the task is to develop a separate functionality for an existing service, then everything starts with working with a designer. It is required to study the layout and clarify all the details of the solution. To do this, the developer uses graphic editors, usually Sketch.

What task does a Web Developer Solve

How long it takes to learn depends on the starting positions. Anyone who doesn’t know anything now, but is ready to devote more than ten hours a week to classes, will be able to start looking for the first projects in about six months. It is better to start evaluating the market and looking for vacancies while still studying. This will help you get to know the requirements of employers in more detail and improve the skills you need.


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