Top App Store Optimization Strategies for 2021

app store optimization services
app store optimization services

2020, a year full of digital marketing. It has experienced an influx of big to small businesses going digital due to COVID-19. Nevertheless, the demand for digital marketing experts for SMM, SEO & ASO has also risen.

Digital media is all about following the latest trends, staying ahead, introducing viral content, and beating your competitors. The competition is rising day by day. Whether it be e-commerce businesses, education, or healthcare sector all are going digital. By saying that digital is not limited to a website or a social media platform, it includes mobile applications as well.

How many of you have experienced a social advert for a local brand introducing its mobile app for customer’s convenience?

Yes, most of you must have seen it. Businesses are seeking ways to differentiate themselves from their competitors. They are looking for ways to make the customer experience more customized and readily available to them. Therefore, the demand for mobile applications has also increased.

Why the demand for mobile apps has increased?

Think about an online grocery shop. Every customer who wants to shop something has to log in their id on its website to make an online purchase. It sounds pretty tiring for everyday customers to enter their information every time they log in. Yes, they may save it for later use but it is more convenient for them to install an app that is logged in 24/7.

Any e-commerce app if installed on the customer’s mobile phone is likely to be visited twice a week without any good reason. This visit may result in a potential sale for the business owner. This is the power of app installation.

It is not limited to e-commerce businesses only but also game developers. Many of the young developers are looking for ways to make their game more popular among the industry giants. They think of mobile applications as the perfect way to engage with their target market without worrying about the website.

However, developing a mobile app is not a problem anymore, optimizing it for the best downloads is the key concern. This is similar to SEO. Most businesses have their websites developed but they do not get any visitor’s traffic. It is because they do not appear on the top results whenever a searcher looks for them. This requires search engine optimization or SEO which helps in web ranking on particular keywords. It later helps in web traffic generation.

Likewise, mobile applications need to be optimized for the app stores as well. This process is known as app store optimization or ASO. There are some ways to make your newly developed app rank on the top results in the app store. They are as follow,

  • Optimize the right app store keywords
  • Keyword usability
  • Use app statistics
  • Optimize your app design for conversion
  • Continued A/B testing

Optimize the right app store keywords:

Identifying your niche and targeting your audience for those keywords is the main game. However, it should be noted that there would be multiple app developers developing the same app as yours and targeting the same audience. They might even be outsourcing some expert app store optimization services. This indicates a tough competition.

To beat this intense competition, long-tail keywords with a low density should be targeted initially. This is because long-tail keywords have a higher probability of ranking your new app in the app store. Targeting short keywords is tough as the competition is intense there for a new app.

Furthermore, including your keyword in the right places while using your character space efficiently should be on priority. Apps with a keyword in the app name are more likely to be ranked on the app stores.

Keyword usability

Keyword optimization includes all the text on your app page, from title to description. Existing keywords, of course, are important, but good typing too – you have to persuade users to download your app in very few words, so each one is important. Application store keyword adjustment is not as easy as discarding all keywords; level algorithms go smart and users will rate the app badly when they see that kind of behavior.

Proper typing and choosing the right keywords are therefore important in finding a good position in the app store. What about adding the most important keyword to a title? According to some studies, it can increase the app store’s rate by 10%, so if you can do it without feeling designed, you should.

Another thing to keep in mind is that localization is key – a good translation of your definition that is culturally sensitive and able to speak the target language is the difference between a successful app and a global (or language) market loss.

Use app statistics

He did the hard part, developed a successful app and completed the ASO strategy. Now you need to monitor the conversion.

You will need to use app store analytics tools to grow your marketing strategy for your app. In addition, they help to identify specific areas in which you can improve. Understanding the ASO channel is important for all applications, from impressions to page views.

Update data and make changes to any ASO feature that does not work in your application. However, to pinpoint the problem, consider making each change. In addition, speed up and speed up when it comes to implementing ASO strategies. It can greatly increase conversions.

Optimize your app design for conversion:

For app developers, the conversion is in terms of downloads. To get your app downloaded you need to optimize on your app design and logo as well. The app logo is the first impression a viewer gets about the quality of the app. Therefore, it should be kept simple and elegant. Using the right colors, not including too many graphics, and using the space creatively results in more downloads. Once you get a great number of downloads, your app will start ranking on top.

Continues A/B testing:

Many developers do not get the chance of running A/B tests continuously for ASO improvements. Hence, it is recommended to get assistance from an app store optimization agency that can regularly work on such improvement.

A/B tests are conducted to evaluate better options based on test results. The two samples of the tests show the audience response that can be utilized for further app store marketing. This helps in getting audience insights for better app development in the future as well.


App store optimization is not confined to finding and targeting keywords only. App design, quality, rating, reviews, and performance also matters. However, the great deal is dependent upon fully optimizing the keywords only.

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