Top 2 Mobile Tracking Apps

mobile tracker app
mobile tracker app

With the evolution of technology, the dynamics of life have transformed. It is convenient to perform the activities that demand rigorous effort in the past. The same is the case of tracking and monitoring. The purpose of tracking and monitoring kids and employees has proved to be a daunting task in the past that requires physical presence, but now it has got on the tips of the end-user. 

There are many mobile tracking apps available in the marketplace that account for monitoring of the target device, but the two of them are the best of the lot. TheOneSpy and OgyMogy are the two that proved to be the best of all tracking and monitoring apps by all means. 

But talking about the bottom line, the service providers i.e. TheOneSpy and OgyMogy only encourage ethical usage of their services, which is aimed at monitoring kids and employees for the betterment of family and businesses, respectively. Let us take a brief tour of the services they furnish. 


TheOneSpy has proved to be the best cell phone tracking app for mobile phones in the marketplace in recent times. It furnishes a wide range of features that account for real-time monitoring of the target device.

The spying comprises monitoring of all the activities performed on the target phone, which comprise of listening and recording all the phone calls in real-time, complete control over the front and back camera to record and monitor surrounding activities, a hand into Gmail, and browsing history.

The monitoring through TheOneSpy also facilitates incorporating browsing restrictions that restrict the target user from visiting those websites, which are not meant to be visited by the target user. 

One of the most striking features of TheOneSpy is geo-tracking. It accounts for monitoring the real-time location of the target device, enabling the end-user to monitor the activities of the target user. The said feature devises location even if the GPS is not enabled. 

TheOneSpy allows enabling geo-fencing for the target device, the feature allows the end-user to mark the allowed and forbidden zones and areas for the target device to visit, and the respective activity also gets notified through email. 

TheOneSpy furnishes a full hand into the usage of social media apps on the target phone. All the social media apps usage is cloned to the end-user interface, including tracking of VOIP calls and chats, but the said feature is not enabled for the un-rooted phone. 


OgyMogy mobile tracker app turns out to be a gem of a tracking facility for the target mobile phone in all aspects in no time. It provides dozens of spying features that account for the safety and security of kids and prosperous businesses. 

It earns the end-user a full hand at all the activities of the target mobile phone, no matter what dimension. It seeks to record all the inbound and outbound phone calls on a target device, shares the real-time interface of the phone screen, which devices of the specific contact which is communicating. 

The surround recording feature of OgyMogy is the best in business in this domain. It bugs the microphone of the target mobile device or front or back camera to have a real-time look into the activities of the target user. 

The OgyMogy actively records the screen of the target device to spy the activities on the phone screen in real-time. The respective feature enables the end-user to keep a close look at the target user. 

The OgyMogy furnishes a full hand into the internal storage of the target device, be it a gallery, calendar appointments, or call logs. The ‘location tracker’ feature of OgyMogy devises the location of the target device in real-time. 

OgyMogy tracks and monitors all the communication taking place through social media apps like Whatsapp spy, Instagram spy, Snapchat spy, and others. It spies VOIP calls, chats, media shared through all these applications. 


Going around all this, one can establish without any reservation that TheOneSpy and OgyMogy proved to be the best out of all spying and tracking apps that sought to track activities on the mobile phones, and they earn the end-user a comprehensive hand and deepest look into all activities of the target user. 


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