How to Prepare Yourself For A Criminology Career


In today’s world, crime rates are increasing at an alarming rate. From adults to juveniles, there are so many people incarcerated in the US prison for committing various crimes in the spur of the moment or due to their impulsive nature. While the reasons might be different, it’s important to determine the driving force that led to such violent actions. For this, there is a desperate need for professional criminologists who can understand the nature of these crimes and take relevant actions to prevent them.

However, studying criminology is not as easy as it seems like. It requires determination and will to provide justice to the victims, maintain peace in the society, and secure peoples’ lives. So, if you think you have it, follow these 4 steps to kick start your professional criminology career.   

4 Steps To Become a Professional Criminologist

1.    Pick a Field

After enrolling in a criminology degree, you will have to first set your focus on one specific path. It can either be the study of crimes or criminal justice. 

Here is why these two fields are distinct.

  • Criminology – This field follows a thorough research-based approach and high analytical review to investigate every aspect of the crime. It also concentrates on its various aspects, types, nature, and overall effect on society, and the human mind. After graduation, you can work in private sectors as personal detectives, forensics, criminologists, or private security guards.
  • Criminal Justice – Unlike criminology, criminal justice is more focused on enhancing practical skills and knowledge. Whatever you study in this course will be closely related to real-world experiences so that you don’t face trouble when it’s time. Moreover, choosing criminal justice means getting ready to become future police officers, correctional officers, or legal officers.

Now, decide whether you want to work in a public firm or a private firm. If you choose public, you will work directly with the local citizens but can also apply for positions at the local or federal level. On the other hand, seeking private sector criminology jobs can be a more dreadful and time-taking process. Here, you might need to take help from your friends or connections in the relevant field.

2.    Strengthen Your Basics

Once you have determined the subject that you want to do your majors in, make sure you get relevant education to boost your skills. After all, when you go out in the professional world, it will be your qualifications that will speak for your efficiencies in the field.

For this, consider the following points to ensure you are heading towards the right path.

Get Bachelors Degree From A Credible Institute

If not more, then having a Bachelor’s degree is necessary to work as a professional criminologist. Plus, studying criminology from a reputable college has its own benefits. For instance, it allows you to work with field professionals, gain hands-on experience, and get an idea of how the practical world works. However, besides this, you might also need to make sure that the institute you’ve chosen offers the following subjects along with your selected major: psychology, sociology, writing, computer science, statistics, and criminal justice.

Review Job Ads

For example, if you want to be a forensic scientist, you need to tailor your skills and qualifications according to the current job requirements. For this, you must study the job ads for criminologists either online or in the newspapers. In case you don’t find relevant information, seek professional criminology essay writing services assistance to get better insights. This way you’ll have a brief idea about what the prospective employers are looking for in the applicants.

Polish Your Skills

Criminology is a field that is constantly evolving. That’s why you need to stay updated on the current trends and skills too. You can read current researches related to the field that you are interested in or analyze the reports that are published in high-rated journals. Moreover, you can take educational courses to improve your knowledge-base regarding each topic. It will be a highlight in your resume and considered as proof of your efficiency.

Search For Internships

Internships are the best opportunities to apply your learning to real-world problems. It provides you with a platform to discover your interests and narrow down your career options. Here, you are given valuable information related to your field and asked to perform certain tasks to enhance your skills. The local police departments, juvenile centers, and student services are the best places to begin your professional career. In case anything is unclear to you, seek professionals’ help or write your queries to criminology essay writing help for instant response.

3.    Design Your Career Path

No matter how frightened you are, you need to have a clear career objective. This will help you in picking the roles and right career options when it’s time.

So, consider these two pointers before you begin your job hunt.  

Figure Out Your Working Style

If you like working individually, then performing research and analysis behind the crime scene is going to be a better option for you. If you are a team player and can take other people’s opinions and suggestions then you’ll perform best at the crime scenes. Now, whichever field you choose, you are expected to be physically active and passionate about learning new things each day.

Know Where You Want to Work

The complexity of your job nature will depend on the place you work in. If you choose an environment where there is a higher crime rate, then you will have a hectic routine. Similarly, areas with low crime rates guarantee a much peaceful working space. Now, it is up to you to determine which environment suits you best.  

4.    Build Up Your Network

As the criminology industry is too limited, the competition to get a job is tougher than in most of the fields. Moreover, you will rarely find job postings on the internet or in the newspapers, so this limits your access to prospect organizations. So, how can you make your place in such a competitive environment?

The following answers might help you. 

Attend Professional Conferences

You can learn about new developments in the criminology field, meet professional criminologists, and build a network by attending conferences in your locality. Not only this, but you can also receive job information and know about current openings in your devoted field at these conferences.

Join A Criminologist Community

Joining a community provides you a wider exposure to what you are seeking. If you aim to strengthen your network, the community offers a solid bond between you and other professionals. If you want to learn more about your field, the community members provide help and support without you asking for it. Furthermore, you might also receive tips and advice for the betterment of your career.


When you volunteer your services, other employers see your commitment and dedication towards the field. This paves your way to your desired role in an organization and builds a much powerful professional image. Therefore, experts advise to always avail the chance of participating in such activities and show genuine engagement to land your dream job.

Final Word

As long as there are crimes, conflicts, and injustice in society, there will always be a need for criminologists to retain the neighborhood’s peace. And since you are planning to pursue a career in criminology, these 4 tips will be beneficial for you. However, just ensure giving your best to protect public safety and maintain stability in your surroundings. We have complete faith in you to improve society’s standards and make this world a better place for everyone.


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