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How do I get the best result in NCERT solutions for class 6 maths?


Mathematics, a very logical and compelling subject, is one of those core topics that increase one’s practical approach to things. There is Mathematics in everything that we do or observe around us, which makes it a very important subject. The application of Mathematical concepts is required in day to day life as it helps us to analyze things properly and have better reasoning ability. It is a crucial subject that requires the students to build a strong base at an impressionable age. Proper knowledge and mastery of every concept are imperative.

NCERT Class 6 Maths is considered to be very helpful for those who want to instantly and effectively clear their doubts. They are widely preferred amongst the students and teachers because they break down complex logic and simplify the calculations of each topic. These help the students achieve the utmost clarity in concepts and ensure an in-depth understanding of the subject.

The solutions have been designed in a structured, step by step format to ensure that the students are provided with the best methods to solve problems, building a strong foundation of the concepts for higher classes. The students will not only find the solutions to the textbook questions but will also find word problems, important questions from previous years, worksheets, short questions, and their solutions along with important tips and tricks to prepare for examinations.

Math concepts and its importance: Class 6

It is known for a fact that Class 6 is the doorway to middle school, a very important phase in a student’s life. The course levels up and they are introduced to many new topics and concepts. There are many new things included in Class 6 Maths, from theory to practice that is not restricted to addition or subtraction but delves into wider and broader concepts. For example, they learn about the number system, whole numbers, fractions, mensuration, algebra, geometry, and much more. These are not only needed today but equally important in the future.

NCERT solutions help the students to grasp each chapter/topic in a detailed manner and make the subject more engaging. The various Mathematical terms are stated in a simple and easy language, making it easier for students to learn them. Each chapter is thoroughly explained and provided with exercises at the end for the students to solve them and understand practical concepts too. There are a wide variety of questions related to each topic and solution, giving a brief idea as per attempting such problem sums in the examination. Step by step guide is provided so that the students can acknowledge their mistakes, and improve their learning efficiency and skills.


The solutions consist of 14 chapters that are listed below.

  • Knowing our numbers
  • Whole numbers
  • Playing with numbers
  • Basic geometrical ideas
  • Understanding elementary shapes
  • Integers
  • Fractions
  • Decimals
  • Data Handling
  • Mensuration
  • Algebra
  • Ratio and Proportion
  • Symmetry
  • Practical Geometry

The NCERT classes 6 Math solutions focus on breaking down the calculations of each topic stepwise, helping the students gain better clarity on the concepts. Math is a subject that requires a lot of practice. The students need to practice the chapter – wise exercises by themselves and improve on their accuracy and time management.

Key features of NCERT solutions

While talking about NCERT Class 6 Maths solutions, these are known to be the best resources if you want a good grip on Math and its concepts, as the solutions are arranged in a structured format with various shortcut methods.

  • These solutions are presented in a comprehensive manner which helps in clearing doubts and provides an in-depth study about the topics. Students also have the option to recall the formulas as they are mentioned in between steps.
  • Exercise-wise and chapter-wise solutions are provided in PDF format, making it easier for the students to access them.
  • The solutions come with various practice papers, other exemplar problems, extra questions, worksheets, sample papers, descriptive type questions, short answering questions, their solutions, and more along with tips for examinations.
  • Detailed diagrams are also provided for the effective visualization of each topic.

Some key benefits of using NCERT Class 6 Math solutions

  1. Clears all fundamental concepts

NCERT books not only cover the entire CBSE syllabus but also all the fundamentals on all topics in an easy way. These help the students to make their concepts crystal clear which is why NCERT solutions are considered ideal for thorough and comprehensive studying.

  1. A recommend reference book

There are times when students face difficulties in answering questions during examinations, due to a lot of pressure and ultimately lead to frustration. The solutions for NCERT Class 6 Maths subject are considered to be a good reference as they are designed to help the students in understanding and solving the problems of each topic with ease.

  1. Offers problems for practice

The practice is very crucial when it comes to Math. It is considered to be the best way to get a good command of a particular subject which will help students to score well in the exams.

These solutions are considered as good revision material because after learning each topic thoroughly and the exercises. Students need to start practicing rigorously as it helps in quick and effective revisions.

  1. Assignments and Examinations

The solutions are also very helpful when it comes to school projects or home assignments as students can lookup solutions and different types of Mathematical problems based on their requirements, saving them a lot of time.

The extensive amount of practise papers is also a great guide to go about certain word problems or sums during examination teaching students about efficiency and time management.


Most of the time, reference books contain concise notes, without any basic knowledge which deviates students from their target, ultimately confusing them. That is why NCERT solutions are strongly recommended for outstanding performance. The sample papers are readily accessible that gear up the exam preparations. Thus, NCERT Class 6 Maths solutions are considered best for the students, who want to score well in their exams.



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