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5 Amazing Tips To Improve Session Duration On Your Blog

outro creating tool
outro creating tool

If you are running a blog or website, the aim is to get visitors to spend a considerable time on it. You do not want them to leave after a few seconds. But unfortunately, that is what happens most of the time. The basis of a blog is the exchange of questions and answers, so when your blog post satiates the mind of the reader, they leave. That increases your bounce rate, which is never good because Google ranks a site lower when it has more bounce rate.

As it is not frequent that a reader stays behind to explore the website, the average time a person spends on blog posts decreases. However, a marketer would like the average time to be high, which is the amount of time a person spends on a page. To do that, you do not have to make huge changes to your blog posts. A few simple hacks or steps will do the trick, which we will discuss below.

1. Make sure that the links open in a new window

When a user clicks on a link, and it opens on the same page, it annoys them. That can also lead them to leave the blog post right after they get the answers they are looking for. Thus, the best thing that you can do is to make small tweaks to it so that your average time increases. It can happen if you set the links to always open in a new window.

Since the initial window is open anyways, the reader will come back to it even if they explore various links. It considerably improves your bounce rate.

2. Add video to your blog posts

A video content certainly appeals to the psyche of a viewer. A reader may not spend five minutes reading your blog posts, but if you include a video of 5-7 minutes explaining the content in a quality and compelling way, they will certainly watch it. So, if you are looking to improve the time readers spend on your blog, do try video content.

Creating short and simple videos of one minute can work for you. Or you can make it longer as well. Also, if you have a YouTube video, you can embed it in the blog posts. Just be sure that the video has an outro as that provides more appeal and you can add CTAs to it as well. Tips for including video in your blog:

  • Use an outro creating tool to make the quick and intriguing outro
  • Keep the video relevant to the subject
  • Keep the video short, too long will not work.

A video is a cool way to decrease bounce time. But the main thing is to work on your blog posts so that they can keep people hooked without videos.

3. Include a table of content

As we all know that a blog post over 2000 words does fairly well in ranking. But it can also get lost in translation, and with decreasing attention span, people may need a nudge to read it fully. One of the best ways to do it is by adding a table of content to your blog post.

Each point in your blog should be linked to the content table so that the reader can click on the one they want to read and go to it directly.

As it makes it easy for people to find the content that they specifically want to read, it engages them more. Thus, they spend more time on the blog, which is the goal.

4. Make the blog piece unique and interesting

Quality trumps quantity always. So, if you think that you can recycle the information that is already available on the internet without new information, you will not have any success. To engage people, use facts, visuals, and keywords. Make your content a well-documented piece which encourages people to spend their five to ten minutes to read it.

5. Use interactive content

To engage your readers more, use interactive content in your video like infographics or videos and more. Do not stick to images, go for quizzes or graphs which are relevant and support your content as well.

In conclusion, to improve your blog session, you do need to follow these tips and keep learning about your audience. That will help you stay ahead of the competition and get the desired results.



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